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PowerPro Web Plugin 2024 - 29/1/2024


Changes in WP 2024

The two phase enrolment process for paid enrolments used to generate two enrolment files and two RTO notification emails per enrolment.This has been streamlined with WP 2024 as detailed below.

Some Payment integrations were updated to comply with the latest API provided by the Payment Gateway providers. 

The BPOINT Payment Gateway is now supported. 

Once PowerPro 2024 is released, RTOs can configure courses with a %100 discount code.

Other improvements

Single step enrolment

In the past, each online enrolment could generate two email notifications to the RTO (one before payment and one after payment). Similarly, paid enrolments used to generate two enrolment files which had to be downloaded and imported by the RTO.

The new version replaces the two step enrolment process with a single step one. In practical terms this is what changed:

  • Each enrolment, paid or not, will only generate one notification email to the RTO
  • Each enrolment, paid or not, will only generate one notification email to the Student
  • Each enrolment, paid or not, will only generate one enrolment file for the RTO to download and import
  • For Courses marked as “Payment required” (assuming a Payment Gateway is configured) no enrolment file is created, no email is sent to the RTO or to the Student until the online payment is completed
  • RTO email notifications for paid enrolments have the “Paid” word as part of the email subject


Support for BPOINT

Web Plugin 2024 introduces the support for the BPOINT Payment Gateway - a Commonwealth Bank of Australia product widely used in different industries across the country. The Payment Gateways currently supported are: BPoint, Eway, PinPayments, PayWay and PayPal.


Support for full discount codes 

Since the introduction of Discount Codes in 2021, several clients requested the use 100% discount codes. Students using such discount code can enrol for free in the Course. Web Plugin 2024 complies with this requirement. However, since PowerPro 2023 does not accept full discounts, this function will only be available once PowerPro 2024 is released (during Q1 2024).


Other improvements

  • Replaced the deprecated Express checkout PayPal integration with the current ("Charges") PayPal API
  • Replaced the Pay Now button PinPayments integration with the current (REST) PinPayments API
  • Replaced the PayWay integration with the latest PayWay API
  • Improved the RTO Enrolment notification email detailing the Payment Status
  • Updated the AVETMISS Registration Form layout to match the Enrolment form
  • Improved accidental Enrolment Form re-submissions reported by some clients
  • Improved internal logging for better support and troubleshooting


Issues fixed since the Web Plugin 2024 was deployed

Due to the wide use of this platform and the large combination of settings used by different clients, some issues have been reported and promptly fixed since deployment. These are:

  • Students could not complete enrolment in Courses marked as "Payment not required (optional)" or "Payment required" for RTOs with no Payment Gateway configured (fixed on 1/2/2024)
  • The AVETMISS Registration form was not loading correctly (fixed on 1/2/2024)
  • The Course Calendar view was not being displayed (fixed on 1/2/2024)
  • Restored the RTO Enrolment notification email subject to include the "Paid" word for online paid enrolments


Thank you for your understanding

We appreciate some of these issues may have been disruptive for our clients. We have fixed the issues reported as a matter of high priority and hope the Web Plugin 2024 will improve the user experience for Students and for RTOs.

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