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PowerPro 2021 - Build Release 6

Change to USI Web Services V4 ,  SVTS Reporting fixes, Report on Contact Log Follow up, new Units file and some minor fixes   USI Web Services Version 4 From September this year the USI will only accept Student Management System connections to Version 4 of their Web Services. Build 6 takes care of this by forcing the PowerPro connection to use the USI Web Services Version 4 endpoint.    The PowerPro USI interface tool shows the Web Services version used: SVTS Reporting fixes Recent SVTS (Victoria) AVETMISS uploads revealed issues with the AVETMISS files which have all been fixed in build 6:   The Contact details in the NAT00010 were blank The Recognition Identifier was not included in the NAT00100 generating an "Incorrect file format" error The delivery mode field in the NAT00120 was incorrect The "Use Secondary ID" option was not populating the Client Secondary ID in the NAT00120 file  These fixes are very important to any Provider submitting AVETMISS data to SVTS.