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PowerPro 2021 - Build Release 7

  ASQA Delivery Activity Data Summary report, Course Admin Checklist, locking of Booking Status, flagging of Imported Units and more   Delivery Activity Data Summary Often requested by the National VET regulator, this report can now be found in the Compliance Reports menu:     Once open, the report can be exported in multiple formats:   Course Admin checklist This new Course section helps tracking logistic tasks associated with the delivery of each Course. Note that this structure is propagated to the new Course when a Course is cloned. Locking of Booking Status Until build 7 it was possible to change a "Confirmed" booking ( ) to a Cancelled one ( ) regardless of the Client progress in the Course. This could be problematic since only confirmed bookings are reported to AVETMISS and, as we know, the AVETMISS data is propagated to the Student USI Transcripts. As of 2021 build 7, the Booking Status field becomes locked (greyed out) as soon as the enrolment denotes any training