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Build 6 is out - There's something for everyone in this build

  PowerPro 2022 - Build Release 6 Build 6 includes two new reports, several new features and improvements. Don't miss out :) Two new reports ASQA - Enrolment and Completion Data Report   This report is often requested by ASQA as an Excel spreadsheet. PowerPro 2022 Build 6 allows the RTO to generate this spreadsheet by running the report and exporting it to Excel:     Company - Unit Results Report This report allows the RTO to extract the list of units completed (Competent and RPL outcomes) between dates for a specific Client Company:      New "Case Manager" Enrolment field This new field allows the RTO to link a PowerPro user login to an Enrolment:     To-do List New "Sub type" field The To-do List may contain events of different types: Contact Logs, Enquiries, Continuous Improvement records, etc. The new "Sub-type" field specifies the type of Contact Log, the channel used for the Enquiry etc: Export as Spreadsheet From 2022 B6, the To-do List can b