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  PowerPro 2022 - Build Release 10 Build 10 is finally out. It includes an improved USI tool which uses USI Web Service V5. Additionally,  Build 10 packs several bug fixes and general improvements. As we start working on PowerPro 2023, Build 10 is most likely the last 2022 build. USI Web Service V5 Compliant The new USI interface tool is not just Version 5 compliant, it looks much nicer too: Web Plugin Build 10 allows the RTO to display the number of seats available in each Course: In order to display this new column, ensure you tick the following option when carrying out a Web Course list sync:   Smaller Improvements Improved performance when using Enrolments>Today button Changed the Contact logs date field to include the time of the day Improved the New Client match/search to also search on Email and USI fields Several bug fixes Latest list of units (from TGA) for unit import PowerPro Workshops The PowerPro Workshops are back. The latest one was delivered in Perth in October and