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PowerPro 2021 - Build Release 5

Small goodies, web plug-in upgrades and introducing Power QR , an upcoming online Parchment validator   Web plug-in upgrades Current web plug-in subscribers will now have access to new changes. Added support for further payment preferences with web registrations You can now more intuitively choose to stop payment on a particular course at the time of online enrolment. Note only valid for those with a payment gateway currently enabled. Added further support for listing Start/End times in the course grid It loads from the scheduled session attached to that course in PowerPro. It is disabled by default and can be switched on in the Options area when uploading your course list. Quality Indicator Reporting A gentle reminder that your Quality Indicator data is due by COB June 30. You can read further here: Small Goodies Improved ordering when sorting on the Completed column.  Based o