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PowerPro 2023 Build 4

  Power Pro 2023 - Build 4 Build 4 is now available for download. 2023 B4 is an important update providing two new built-in reports , the latest Units of Competency and many fixes. Enrolment Form Report This new Report shows the fields as they were entered by the Student on the Enrolment Form. There is an option to include the Student signature (as well as a CEO/Training Manager signature) in the report. This report is only available for Web enrolments:   Confirmed bookings not Invoiced Report This new Report lists any Confirmed bookings (enrolments) which have not been invoiced:   Latest list of Units of Competency (TGA) Should you need to import any recently released Units, Build 4 will surely include these. Every PowerPro Build includes the updated list of Units ready to import into your favourite Student Management System. Vet Student Loans VSL approved RTOs will notice Build 4 removed the "VSL" tab in Enrolments and Results leaving only the TCSI tab available. We believ