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PowerPro 2022 - Build Release 8

PowerPro 2022 - Build Release 8 Build 8 is a now available for download. It arrives with brand new functionality, general improvements and with the exciting news that the PowerPro workshops are officially back! Workshop announcement Throughout the last few years we winded back on physical workshop delivery across the nation due to the pandemic. We accounted for this gap through online training delivery but are now super excited to return to the classroom! The workshop information and registration form can be found here on our website: PowerQR improvements and ongoing special offer This is a reminder of our ongoing winter special. Subscribe to PowerQR before the end of August 2022 and go in the draw to win a free PowerQR subscription next year! 🎁A new option has been introduced to prevent the document from being uploaded to the PowerQR database. This option is handy in certain scenarios. Bulk email refresher PowerPro has the ability to send bulk e