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PowerPro 2023

Power Pro release 2023 PowerPro 2023 took longer than usual to be released. Anyway, we are pleased to announce its availability here along with a quick tour on the new capabilities. So, what’s new in PowerPro 2023? This release includes new functionality as well as enhancements to the user interface. Here is a quick read summary: Email communication with PowerPro users with option to opt out Improved alert/message shown upon user login Integration with MyOB using MyOB API (optional module) Multiple Web Plugin enhancements RAPT reporting and invoicing improvements New Company invoicing fields New function to set Units as Superseded based on TGA data PowerQR: scrapped renewal fees and improved top-up options Improved Trainer Scheduler layout and usability Other small improvements   How do I update to PowePro 2023? To update to PowerPro 2023, ensure you are logged in as RTOADM, execute Update>2023 as follows:   And follow the prompts to complete the update.   Now let's dive deeper