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Power Pro 2022 is Here!

Power Pro 2022   Welcome to 2022,  This post celebrates the release of the major annual update, PowerPro 2022. We are looking forward to sharing the many changes and upgrades with all of you.    In order to update to PowerPro 2022 please ensure you are logged in as RTOADM and that you are running PowerPro 2021 build 10 or higher.  The Release and build are shown on the bottom left of the PowerPro main screen:     Once logged in, use the new Update to 2022 button found in the Update ribbon tab to update to PowerPro 2022:   And follow the prompts to complete the update. Please read on for an in depth look at all the changes.   What’s new in 2022? PowerPro 2022 comes with significant new functionality and enhancements to the user interface.  Here is a quick read summary: Official release of PowerQR Parchment Validator Support for tracking Covid-19 vaccination status. This field can also be captured on the online enrolment form. Menu improvements, layout changes and search bar layout impro