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  PowerPro 2022 - Build Release 7 Build 7 includes compatibility with Talent LMS (E-Learning platform), a new F unding Reports section, the July promotion of PowerQR Validation system, the latest TGA Unit list and some small improvements . Highly recommended :)   Talent LMS Integration Talent LMS is a very reputable E-Learning Platform which is easy to use and offers extremely competitive prices. The integration with PowerPro is now available to PowerPro Sky subscribers. More information on Talent LMS can be found here .   New Enrolment>E-Learning  tab A new "E-Learning" tab in the Enrolments window provides a summary the data exchanged between PowerPro and the integrated LMS:   New Funding Reports Section Build 7 introduces the Funding Reports section. Starting with the RAPT Summary Report , this menu will include more funding reports as part of upcoming builds.   RAPT Summary Report   This report is useful for RTOs delivering funded training in WA. It lists Client