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Turn the page, it's 2021!

  Happy new year! Welcome to 2021, a year of hope for significant change.    This post inaugurates the PowerPro Blog, a communication channel where you will find ongoing information about this Student Management System. Each PowerPro 2021 build will have a Blog post detailing the changes and fixes introduced by the build. What's new?   PowerPro 2021 is packed with functionality extensions suggested by RTO users who use the system on a daily basis. Here is a summary of what is new: Enrolment form compliance Web enrolment instant notifications Additional Web enrolment notification email address Course discount codes for online paid Enrolments AVETMISS error fixing improvements Track Unit prerequisites per Student Client and Company credit fields and function Additional Client emergency contact field set  Education Agents: track payments, attach documents and Log Contacts Improved Client merge process RAPT fee caps to comply with Lower Fees Local Skills invoicing requirements   TCSI