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PowerPro 2021 - Build Release 4

Introducing the VET Student Experience Survey and other new features!


VET Student Experience Survey

The VET Student Experience Survey (VETSES) is a new short online survey which asks current students about their training experiences. The first wave of the VETSES will commence from early April 2021, with selected RTOs being contacted.
The first wave will invite around 550 RTOs to participate, with around 40,000 students from these RTOs being invited to complete the survey.

All official information can be found here:

You are now able to export the required data from PowerPro RTO. It matches the requirements and format of the spreadsheet you are required to populate.

To access the spreadsheet export, browse to Reports > Compliance


New Feature - MailMerge to Email(Outlook)

Introducing our latest feature, Mail Merge to Email (Outlook).

This allows you to create your PowerPro e-mail templates within Microsoft Word. This allows you to add full custom formatting to any emails (think font, colour, logos and hyperlinks).

Use dynamic merge fields and any existing Letter templates are ready to be used as email templates!
It is available under the Course Actions Menu > Mail Merge to Email (Outlook).


Select your E-mail subject header and Word template.

To configure your new email templates, the PowerPro administrator(s) who maintain your current templates can assist you.

* Ensure you check the "Log options" and the "Attach options"
** Note the option to Preview Email is not available. Ensure formatting is correct with a test email account at first.

Improvements & Fixes

- When cloning a course, you can now adjust the delivery location within that same process. It will also update any relevant scheduled sessions for that delivery location.
- Improved "attaching " logic when adding new sessions to an existing course with enrolments.
- Small improvements to the Payment Plans

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